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A draw for the lots in the new town was held on June 7, , and approved by the Council at Newark on August 14 of the same year. Lots were reserved for public buildings and Sandwich became the capital of the Western District of the Province of Upper Canada. In July he wrote to the Bishop of Quebec that he was planning to open for these people now more than twenty families St.

At the same time he was working on the chapel of St. John the Baptist at Malden, which later developed into the parish of Amherstburg.

News From The Pews

Father Marchand was reluctant to accept this aid because he thought that the parish could not support more than one priest. In May Bishop Denaut notified Father Marchand that he intended to visit that summer the westernmost community of his diocese. He reached Amherstburg on June 13th, and made his solemn entry into Sandwich three days later. The exercises began with a spiritual retreat to prepare the people for the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation.

At the close of the exercises the bishop confirmed nearly members of the parish. He remained in the area until July 15th, and during that period he confirmed at Ste. Bishop Denaut brought with him Father Felix Gatien whom he had recently ordained, and left him at Assumption as curate. The following year the young priest helped to open the mission churches at Amherstburg and at the mouth of the Thames.

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For the next decade Father Marchand administered the parish and the two missions all alone. He had a clerical companion, however, for a short time during the War of After being a virtual prisoner at the rectory from May 21 to June 6, , Father Richard was permitted to return to his flock on the promise of discreet behavior. Probably still rankling because in he had been summoned to give to the fabrique an explanation of his administration as chief warden, two years later Pratt moved his fence over onto the church lands and the matter was taken to the courts.

A new burial place was opened in what is now Ambassador Park. Bishop Plessis visited the parish in the summer of and he noted the Catholic population to be approximately at Assumption, at St. He decided that Father Marchand should have an assistant. In the fall of that year Father Joseph Crevier arrived at Sandwich where he was to remain for fifteen years.

Immediately the new curate made a gallant effort to open a secondary school for boys with himself teaching Latin and mathematics, and a lay teacher taking care of the other subjects. The first year there were 13 or 14 students, but the following fall the project had to be abandoned for lack of candidates. At that time there were some privately operated co-educational primary schools, two at Petite ate La Salle area one aux Outaouais Windsor East. Six years later on June 2, , Father Marchand reported to his bishop.

Mel Blanc - IMDb

I have some for girls only but I fear there will not be enough pupils to support them. After being relieved of his teaching Father Crevier was able to devote more time to the growing missions of the parish. In there were Catholics at Amherstburg and along the Thames. New facilities were needed. In a new church was built at St. Two years later a chapel was built at Belle River. Besides, the parish continued to serve the Huron Indians at their Reserve now Anderdon Township , where in their numbers had been reduced to Their graveyard near the river bank below River Canard is one of the oldest historic places in Essex County.

Father Marchand was succeeded by his assistant, Father Crevier. Father Louis Fluet was named curate and he was soon placed in full charge of the missions of St. Once more Father Crevier attempted to open a continuation school for boys. This proved to be just another abortive attempt at secondary education. In the diocese of Kingston was erected to serve the province of Upper Canada. Alexander Macdonell, organizer and chaplain of the Glengarry Fencible Regiment, was its first bishop.

On his visit to Assumption in July , he put the following questions to the churchwardens and received the following answers:. How long will the present church last? About 8 or 10 years with repairs. Is it not necessary to build a church-school as well as a church? Both are necessary.

When are you determined to commence the church? They have already begun to collect the material, and will continue to do so. What are the dimensions of the convent or school for girls? What are the dimensions of the school for boys?

8 Reasons Most Churches Never Break the 200 Attendance Mark

When have you decided to build the schools? During the coming winter. This turned out to be a long winter. The first year they instructed 50 children with the help of an American young lady who joined them.

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There was a question of building a convent, but the whole project collapsed after Sister Raizenne, the superior of the newly-formed Congregation of the Infant Jesus, died after a stay of only one year. At the insistence of the parishioners, her remains were buried under the present church on September 1, , along with those of Fathers Potier, Dufaux and Marchand. On November 20, , he addressed to the pastor, the elders, and the church-wardens a strongly-worded letter to proceed with provisions for the education of the youth of the parish, which has been so woefully and, I will add, so shamefully neglected.

The Catholics for want of education are not only kept in the background and neglected but are made the hewers of wood and the drawers of water to those who came into the country adventurers and beggars. We order that the said committee for inspecting the church accounts do enter forthwith upon the discharge of the duty for which they have been appointed, and we request to be informed of any opposition or obstacles that may be thrown in their way….

This ordinance is to be read from the altar on three successive Sundays and to be inserted in the parish register. This was a very gloomy period in the life of Assumption as a threat of schism hung over the parish.


Instruct your flock of dangers of heresy and schism. A semblance of order was restored, but irreparable damage had been done. In the extant correspondence of the period there are undertones of some opposition between Father Crevier and the church authorities. When it was decided that Father Crevier would not remain, the bishop left his Scottish nephew as pastor of this predominantly French-Canadian parish.

On May 17, , in a general assembly of the parish it was decided by a majority to begin immediately the construction of the church, to be built southwest of the old church. Along with the pastor and the churchwardens they composed the Church Building Committee. Why was the church built at such a distance from Sandwich Street now Riverside Drive? At the time there was considerable talk that a new road would be cut through connecting Windsor and Sandwich.

The church was situated far enough back to face this still definitively uncharted road which, strange to say, was not opened until as London Street now University Avenue. In the meantime the people coming from the east had to go along the only east-west thoroughfare Sand-wich Street , then turn up Huron Line to reach the church. In order to shorten the walk of the parishioners from Sandwich town on the west, Mr. Pajot opened a short street in the front of his farm which he named Church Street. It looked like things were really going to roll. A lime-kiln was built and a brick-yard was opened just east of the present Assumption High School building. Abraham Johnson was the brick-maker. On July 27th it was decided to start digging the foundations, make lime and arrange for hauling the bricks. The accounts for the year through to July 20, , contain these items: To Mr. Other items for the brick-yard included molds, forks and two wheelbarrows. This flurry of activity was short-lived. No more record of expenditures for the church appear until June Was the construction interrupted by the unsettled conditions of the approaching Rebellion of , or for lack of funds, or both?

Or for the lack of enthusiasm for the project? In any case, Father MacDonell was frequently absent during the next seven years, including a three-year span from October to October , when he accompanied his uncle bishop on a trip to Scotland where he the bishop died on June 15, Father Edmond Yvelin was acting pastor during most of this period.

Foley, J. Lostrie, Pierre Schneider and Jean B. In the western part of the diocese of Kingston was constituted as the diocese of Toronto with Bishop Michael Power as its chief shepherd. He was consecrated on May 8, Subsequently, if not consequently, a spirited exertion was made to proceed with the construction of the by foot church.

In the first week of June payments were made for lime and brick. So much so that in six weeks it was possible to lay the corner-stone. The corner stone of a Roman Catholic Church was laid near this town with all the usual ceremonies, by the Right Rev. A collection was taken up on the spot, which amounted to ninety dollars, although such a thing was not anticipated by many. The building is to be of brick of which , are already on the spot. Collins, and are said to be of an excellent quality.

Collins is fast rearing another kiln of the same quality, which will complete his contract. Did these bricks come from the brick-yard opened up in ?