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  1. How to Get Traffic to Your Website (Neil Patel's Ultimate Guide)
  2. SEO & Link Building for Startups. How To Quickly Scale Organic Traffic for Your Startup
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One fantastic way to do so is to sign up for HARO Help a Reporter Out , which will put you on an email list that will send you opportunities that may be of interest to you. Basically, reporters who need sources for their stories can solicit them via HARO, and if you find a story for which you think you could be a good source, you can contact the journalist and offer your assistance. Press release submission demands that you create your own material. Collaborations require that you have either something important, valuable, or knowledgeable to say, or have a pre-existing reputation.

The idea here is to come up with a story that news readers would want to see. It could be an industry profile, a review of local businesses, or depending on the source something more niche along content marketing lines, like business strategies or economic tips.

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Then, contact a journalist and pitch your story. It could either be a story idea, or the full written story itself. At SEO. When these stories are published, our clients get media exposure, mentions, and SEO benefits, while our media partners get awesome content for their audiences. My favorite way to get media coverage is simple in theory, but difficult in practice — become the journalist.

How to Get Traffic to Your Website (Neil Patel's Ultimate Guide)

You can do so by becoming a guest contributor, or even a regular columnist at your publication s of choice. The general idea of guest blogging is to use your personal brand as a way to post your content on external publications, building exposure, reaching new audiences, earning links, and earning a more authoritative reputation in the process. Most of my tips in this section have been focused on online publishers, which are the most prominent, and generally the easiest to access.

However, be aware that most of the strategies here—including pitching ideas and helping reporters with one-off contributions—can be applied to television and radio as well.

SEO & Link Building for Startups. How To Quickly Scale Organic Traffic for Your Startup

These mediums are more appropriate for some brands such as retail and traditional industries than others like startups and tech companies. Instead, it serves a simple purpose; giving potential journalists and publishers all the information and assets they need in order to represent your brand appropriately in their material. Some brands have a. Your first job will be to introduce your media kit to prospective users. Again, you have a number of choices when it comes to presentation. In your early stages, a simple standalone page of your website will do fine; include it in your footer, and design it to show off the key elements of your brand in an engaging way.

Eventually, media demand or your brand reputation may be such that it demands a more formal distribution system. In some cases, it may serve as a type of resume to show off your brand authority. It sets a good tone for the future of your journalistic relationship. Journalists love to cite facts and figures, so the more objective data points you can include about your brand, the better. For most brands, an informal, or even conversational request is more than enough to make sure your information is used appropriately.

10 Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth

Usually, this involves supporting a press release or coverage article on an external publisher by using your own marketing campaigns. On your website, you should have a rotating list of publishers, or a collage of different logos of those publishers, to demonstrate social proof and make your reputation known. If done properly you can get tons of new users to your website with a small marketing budget. The section of SEO that newcomers find daunting is link building.

It can be tough to build high quality, white hat links to a new website. Also building links to a startup can be very different than to backlink building for an ecommerce website. Good old PR is still one of the best ways to build links to a website. You can get links from massive publications with a little bit of work. Coverage on these publications can also drive lots of new users to your website, regardless of links.

How to Start Your Own Business

The most important part of any public relations campaigns is that you have something to talk about. What does your app do different? What service are you providing that nobody else is? Another important aspect is picking the right reporter and getting their personal email. In most cases, pitching to a general support email will go unnoticed. Now you need her personal email. Now that you know the basic process, who do you pitch to? There should be two levels to your public relations campaign for link building:. Find relevant local publications that may be interested in covering your story. Local newspapers and blogs love covering things going on in their hometown. No matter what your startup does, there are most likely a number of blogs which write about it.

There are hundreds if not thousands of websites which cover these topics. Think Tech. I know, I know; people worry about building links from directories, but these are high quality listings that will benefit your website. I believe this is a no brainer for startups that will give your website a little kick in the butt and get you going. They also have higher priced packages where they will do the PR and link building outreach for you to relevant industry blogs. The premise of competitive link building is pretty simple: get a list of your competitors, find their backlinks, and try and replicate them.

For example, this article from Business2Community is about tools that help with B2B sales management. You can email the author and ask that you be included. You can replicate this across all of your competitors to get a massive list of link opportunities. This link building tactic is more passive than the rest, but important nonetheless.

It helps you pick up mentions of your startup across the web that may not have linked to the website. Those are golden opportunities for links! There are a few platforms which let you track your mentions, with the biggest ones being Mention and Google Alerts. Calendar Pro. You can also add in your competitors to track them online as well. Similar to the competitive link building method, you can chime in and possibly get your link added as well.

For this tactic, you can either create a new tool from scratch or offer a freemium version of your software. For Calendar Pro, an example would be to develop a free program where people can input their phone numbers to get text alerts before a meeting. A simple page with meeting time, number of alerts, and phone number.

When the tool is developed, you can do another small PR campaign and reach out to relevant sources who would be interested. People are more likely to link to a free product than paid.

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I want to close this guide with a list of examples of companies that have successfully leveraged media exposure for their brands. Instead, I want to focus on some bigger companies, as a demonstration of just how much power a single news story can have on the public. In fact, the New York Times recently did a follow-up piece on this very subject. This is a fantastic example of how a personal brand can transcend a corporate brand, even a powerful one like Amazon, as Bezos is the center of these forms of media coverage, not any one company or organization.

Y Combinator is one of the most sought-after startup accelerators in the country. Because of the sheer access it has to media publications.

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TechCrunch and other niche tech publications go crazy for Demo Day, and it often ends up being a top-viewed and top-shared article for almost all of them. Image Source: TechCrunch. This is a good example of how even being a marginal contributor, like being only one company in the hundred or so presenters of Demo Day, can give you a massive boost in popularity. It even has its own Wikipedia page. Image Source: Red Bull. Media coverage was rampant, including forecasting and announcements in the weeks leading up to the event, ample streaming and coverage during the event, and analysis of the impact of the event for weeks after.

Why is this such an interesting example of media exposure for startups? Because this was a contrived event. When in this mode, users had a chance of being picked up by a DeLorean for a free ride of up to 15 minutes. Image Source: Lyft.