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Soon, Cheyney was running his own agency that handled both literary work and investigations.

Cheyney headed up the youth movement, a gang of toughs popularly known as the "biff boys" whose job was to counter the violence which characterised many political meetings. He also wrote a few articles for Action , the New Party's journal.


Lemmy Caution

According to Mosley, Cheyney was particularly good at the job of handling those who disrupted their meetings. The New Party failed to make any electoral impact and it had folded by the end of the year. Mosley then persuaded several key members of the BF to defect to his cause.

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Cheyney was not involved with the BUF and he continued with his mixture of private eye work -- both fact and fiction -- until he hit pay dirt with This Man is Dangerous Thereafter, he continued to write at least two books a year until his health gave way. Cheyney was a big man" 6'2" who soon went bald.

He was a flamboyant character and he sported a gold monocle, a red carnation, an ornate cloak and a double-barrelled name when such things were in fashion. He was good at golf, fencing, judo and boxing, and he ran a snazzy sports car. He always tried to distance himself from his humble beginnings, as evidenced by his entry in Who's Who.


Also, he only listed the last of his three wives, even though his second wife had brought two children with her. He never had any children of his own. The incredibly prolific Cheyney didn't limit himself to the exploits of Caution or Callaghan, both of whom became quite the sensations in France, and inspired a rash of popular film adaptations, most starring American wx-pat actor Eddie Constantine.

Some of these charactrers appeared in a loosely connected series of books, all which had the word "dark" in their titles, featuring British and Nazi agents going at each other during and after WWII.

Lemmy Caution: This Man Is Dangerous | IndyPlanet

Many consider these Cheyney's best work. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Design Downloaded from www. Home About Archives Links Contact.

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Posted by Steve under Midnights , Reviews 1 Comment. I says good night, and I nods to the boys. At times it is a cartoon the shootings, the use of negative images to convey disorientation but at others it is more chillingly prescient than ever.

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